Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Barnardo's Life Story

BBH have created a new ad for Barnardo's which demonstrates the way in which people can be helped and their lives changed through the support of the charity. Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, the ad was launched in a feature channel 4 spot on the 3rd November and begins a shift in strategy for the charity from brand recognition to boosting understanding of the services it provides children and young people.

The ad begins with Michael, aged 30, discussing his stable lifestyle and family with a support worker. It then begins to work backwards, showing Michael's childhood in reverse and the problems he faced. The strapline 'It doesn't have to end like it began. Join us to fight for a child's furture,' finishes the ad. Marketing director and business change manager for Barnardo's Diana Tickell commented; 'despite having increased awareness of the charity in recent years through a series of hard-hitting ads, there is still a "challenge around comprehension" of the support and service it offers. People know the latent history and the nostalgia history of Barnardo's so we're trying to convince the public about what we deliver and what the charity has bcome. TV allows us to show and tell that in a way no other medium can.'

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