Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Earthquake notifications

Earlier this year, when the earthquakes struck Japan and also America's East Coast more recently, the idea that technology could buy just a few moments to warn victims seemed like an obvious advancement. In Japan Apple have released news that its new operating system (iOS5) will allow users the option of receiving early earthquake notifications on their iphones. The warning app plugs directly into Japan's national earthquake warning system which is one of the most advanced in the world.  The app can then buy iPhone users anywhere from seconds to minutes to prepare through the alert system. This might mean that the user can move to a safer area or to higher ground just before the quake hits. This advancement to the new operating system would also be welcomed in other areas such as the states, perhaps Apple will roll this out as the system is launched world wide.

Diet Coke gets a makeover

Adweek has released images of the new look Diet Coke, designed by Turner Duckworth, which will be released in September. The limited-edition can will retain it's familiar bare aluminum background with a crop of the logo wrapped around the can. Apparently it will only be available for a short time. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

There's a story behind every shape

Leo Burnett, London have created a new ad campaign for Kellogg's Rice Krispies new Multi-Grain Shapes. Directed by th1ng's Tom, Dick and Harry, the ad uses stop frame animation to tell the story of each little character, Vic Reeves providing narration. The cereal itself seems to be gaining mixed reviews, though Kellogg's are keen to promote that the cereal is 'a convenient and fun way to help to keep families healthy by promoting good digestive health'.

For the love of type

For the Love of Type is a blog created by Gemma O'Brian, other wise known as Mrs Eaves. She first came to the public's attention with here 'Write here, right now' video:

The blog is a place for Gemma to document her findings and experiments with letters from around the world. It is an expansive collection of type from building facades, illustrations, TV, websites, wedding invitations and billboards. Check it out!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Guzzle Puzzle

The Natural Confectionery Company's new Guzzle Puzzle sweets launched recently with a brand new ad campaign created by Fallon. The campaign has been rolled out across TV, cinema, digital and point of sale and features the familiar voice over, scenery and fast zoom lens footage and comic dialogue. The digital campaign has been developed by Weapon7 and includes a Guzzle Puzzle jukebox and a card game.

Play the end

Commissioned by Channel 4 Education, The End is a free online game. The game has been released this month and is aimed at 14-19 year olds, taking them on a journey of self discovery. Puzzles, strategy and philosophical questions are all part of the animated world that takes the player on a 'metaphysical journey' to reveal attitudes towards morality.

The player can measure their views alongside some of the most important thinkers of our time, Gandhi, Descartes and Einstein, with each level set across three worlds, Mind, Body and Spirit. The ultimate prizes are 'Death Objects' which deepen a player's contextual knowledge of death and help them progress through the game.

Produced by the award-winning games studio Preloaded, with content from Tom Chatfield, the game boasts some fantastic illustration work from Luke Pearson. It's worth having a play for the illustration alone, but is also refreshingly easy to navigate and explore without having to sign up to endless spam emails or parade across social networking platforms.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The copy book

Face37 have designed The Copy Book for D&AD about how the best advertising writers in the world write their ads. 

Like the first book, which was published in 1995, this edition is about copywriting and legibility, so they designed the cover to explore how legibility is key when reading copy by using eye tracking software created by University of london. 

View the video to see the impact the cover has on its readers.

Chester Zoo rebrand

Chester Zoo have undergone a rebrand that features a bespoke hand-drawn typeface and logotype. Created by Manchester agency Music, in collaboration with illustrator Adam Hayes and copywriter Mike Reed, the new identity is playful and flexible for use across different media. The bespoke typeface includes different weights and alternative characters that can be used to add character, working along side a range of illustrations all created by Hayes.

Music's Anthony Smith commented on CR, 'The new band centres on a personality and voice rooted in the work of those who make Chester Zoo what it is, encompassing their passion, integrity and knowledge'... 'add to this the license for creative expression in how the font works and is applied-and the zoo has the means to make a powerful impact and really stand out in a competitive sector by telling their story in a very natural and genuine way.'

Music also worked on the identity for The Act for Wildlife campaign which the zoo has launched.

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