Friday, 18 November 2011

Carbon cutting wine

Engineer and inventor, Martin Myerscough, founded Greenbottle after a trip to the dump when he realised that the many plastic bottles there had just a 14 day life-cycle but might spend 200 years in landfill. Beginning with a paper milk carton which was picked up by Asda in the West Country, Myerscouch then developed a wine bottle which featured a foil bladder with a paper exterior. The paper bottle weighs just 50g in comparison to the 500g glass alternative and has just 10% of the carbon footprint. 

Myerscough argues that recycling is becoming very habitual and that its effectiveness is questionable; 'We're net importers of wine bottles and it's not worth shipping the glass back so it ends up here as road aggregate'. Although the paper bottle works well and can reproduce at the same size and shape as the glass bottle there is still much development that can take place with the product, for example, making it more appealing aesthetically and making it easy to recycle.

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