Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The importance of handwriting

The BBC released a story stating that schools in Indiana will not require its school children to learn joined-up, or cursive, handwriting. Students will have to learn basic typing skills, which education officials say are more useful in the modern employment world. 

However, there is more to handwriting than being able to write quickly. Paul Sullivan, a head teacher of a school in California said, "The fluidity of cursive allows for gains in spelling and a better tie to what they are reading and comprehending through stories and literature".

Handwriting conveys an individuals personality and creativity. Graphologists have long been analysing the way we write as it is a reliable indicator of personality and behaviour. 

There seems to be a mix of opinion to this issue. Some believe that typing is essential to modern life and that cursive handwriting is becoming obsolete.  However, skills with a pen are still needed, and joined-up writing is the fastest way to do it. 

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