Friday, 20 May 2011

New blood 2011

Causing a slight stir amongst D&AD worshipers in the studio, our New Blood invitation arrived this morning featuring a pastiche of religious materials. The creative for this campaign is interesting because it could perhaps be interpreted as a mockery of religious values or even suggest that designers should take the D&AD to be their deity - if so, they have a very tough challenge to fight off rival Apple! Just this morning British illusionist, Derren Brown, blogged about a recent documentary in which UK neuroscientists suggested that the brains of Apple devotees are stimulated by Apple imagery in the same way that the brains of religious people are stimulated by religious imagery. You can read more about the discovery here and see some of the evidence yourself!

We're getting off topic now... the D&AD campaigns are always subject to criticism and often rile non-supporters to comment upon the values of the organisation. 2010's creative is a prime example - blogged by CR here. The latest news that the D&AD will now be awarding 'slices' of the yellow pencil for smaller awards and a white pencil for particularly eco-friendly projects seems to have drawn a sigh from many in the creative industry.

Although the campaign is very open to interpretation, the wording unmistakably promotes the future generation of art and design and is fantastically articulated. Our invitation is beautifully designed and finished. New Blood gives graduates the opportunity to showcase work in graphic design, visual communication, advertising, digital media, illustration, photography and other commercial creative arts. This year the exhibition will be held at the Old Truman Brewery, London from 30 June to 4 July.

"Those that burn the brightest shall be the best and they will inherit. Prepare to meet the future'.

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