Tuesday, 10 May 2011


When Jack Dorsey created the very first Twitter account, we doubt he could have foreseen that he would soon have 200 MILLION neighbours sharing the site with him. Nor the impact it would have on the advertising, media, and entertainment industries. How many TV shows have the infamous hashtag during screenings? #DreamSchool , #Essex et al? It has become a forum for thought, people sharing titbits of information and news with the rest of the Twittersphere. During the now infamous raid on Osama Bin Laden's Pakistani residence, Abbottabad-based IT consultant Sohaib Athar tweeted that he could hear a helicopter flying low above the city, the same helicopter that was carrying the Navy SEALS team that carried out the assault. Keith Urbahn, Chief of Staff to Donald Rumsfeld, broke the news on Twitter after hearing that OBL had been killed from a reputable source. Soon, after confirmation from President Obama (Yes, Barack is a Tweeter!), Tweets averaged at 3000 per second, so even those who weren't logging on to news sites found out, and shared the news themselves.

So in all this, what implications are there for the creative world and advertising industry? Since Twitter began offering advertising space, it has become a crucial element in many companies' marketing plan. The advertising page on the Twitter site allows you to begin a campaign ranging from $5000 to over $100,000. This service allows companies to promote their product to the top "trending topic", exposing the product as a trend to the millions of daily users. This rapid exposure to such a large audience can be a godsend to a campaign- and for pretty good price too.

Running both a company account and a personal one, the effect of Twitter on my daily life (and in fact, my career) is phenomenal. With the company account, I promote our business, use it as a means of networking, keep an eye on competitors and share this blog. With my personal account, I keep in touch with friends (no matter how busy I am,140 characters is never too much), learn more about my interests and share my feelings about them, and see what Charlie Sheen is up to. To see where Twitter goes next is a very exciting prospect, as a tool in both business and in social networking we can't see it disappearing any time soon. 

We ♥ Twitter

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