Friday, 7 October 2011

Humming bird advert for Audi A6 Avant

BBH have created a new animated ad for Audi's new A6 Avant. Directed by Daniel Barber, the nimble hummingbird reflects the A6 Avant's unique aluminium and steel construction, it makes the car lighter and more agile. 

The hummingbird flits through its surreal aluminium landscape to Johann Strauss's Open Road, Open Sky sung by American baritone John Charles Thomas, making this a truly delightful advert.


  1. Going to credit the music/vocals?

  2. Hi @Anonymous, thanks for your comments, music credited

  3. Fabulous ad.....really imaginative- would love the little bird, never mind the car !!!

  4. Barber is a the bird- he could take over the Meerkats... throw the car in Free with each bird purchased !!

  5. I am so enjoying the hummingbird ad. I dance and sing to it. The best advert out. If I could have one of those birds I would. The advert makes me feel really happy.

  6. wonderful ad, love the little stainless steel hummingbird and the old phonograph music is so perfect with it...makes me feel happy too...wish I could afford the auto. Good job!


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