Monday, 1 August 2011

Flickr 'Select' collection from Getty Images

Image credit -  © Rachel Devine / Flickr Select / Getty Images.

Getty Images is launching a new collection of hand-selected images with Flickr marking the three year anniversary of the relationship the two online photographic companies. The Flickr collection at Getty Images has accumulated more than 120,000 images since the collection was launched so now Getty are introducing Select as a 'way of differentiating' some of the hand selected images 'as the more premium amongst the Flickr collection.'

A spokeswoman has commented, 'The range of pictures within Getty Images' Flickr collection is significant. As a result, we have used our creative expertise to group these images into different collections, suited to different needs and demands - the intent being to help our customers differentiate and find the exact [rights managed] image they want for their usage needs.'

The new collection will be made up of aprox 6000 images with content updated each month.

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