Thursday, 11 August 2011

Near Field Communication

NFC enabled mobile phones are coming!

Here at Free Thinking® towers our imagination has been captured by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology due to the options and control the technology offers. And everyone is set to benefit. Brands and consumers.

Central Marketing Departments will always have the bigger marketing strategy covered, the insightful corporate strapline, the big campaign idea. But on the ground, store managers and franchisees want more control, to be quicker on the draw with offers and information.

Let's say that you run a store in Oxford Street and you like to meet and greet all your customers with a daily offer, or link them to the store so that they can find their way back. Or add them to your database, or theirs to yours. Well, now you can do all of these things and more. Our sister company Partners SMR is working with a client at the moment that runs a chain of hight street franchises. The franchisees are never content with the local press and radio advertising support they receive, they feel they can do better. So working with them we plan to build a set of NFC terminals and NFC Window Posters that contain microchips, both of which feed key information to customer NFC mobile phones.

What's so good about this? Let's say you are on a city break, and in the morning as you make your way out from your hotel to the tourist attractions, you see a boutique shoe shop and you decide on a whim to go in and try on a pair of evening shoes, but, anticipating the long day ahead, decide not to buy. By the afternoon you've taken in some sightseeing, had lunch, and feeling a little tired you decide to head back to your hotel for a rest. On your way you remember those shoes... but where was that shop?! If only my phone could guide me back. Well, with your NFC phone it will not only guide you back, but as you enter the store and swipe your phone on the terminal you're offered a 25% discount as a returning customer... how cool is that?! Sweet dreams.

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