Friday, 23 September 2011

New BBC homepage

The BBC have created a new homepage in beta mode for public use and feedback. The page demonstrates a new visual approach to showcasing everything that the BBC has to offer, rather than being restricted to just a few items as with the current, structured page.

James Thornett has blogged about the new page here, explaining the evolution of both the visual aspects of the page and the way n which it is used. He explains that the trend in stats has fallen since 2008 and believes that this has been because the page is 'too narrow in focus', that it 'lacks distinctiveness' and has suffered because users now want to be able to 'filter content, not customise'. The vision for the new page is to shoe 'less of more' and appeal to a broader audience in the process. 'We think the idea of audiences coming to the page for the things they need, and coming back for the things they discover is very compelling, and we've kept this front of mind during the redesign.'

Key features of the new design include a 'carousel', simple features to tailor the page, at-a-glance features, and separate nations' homepages to provide relevant local information with ease. Creative critics seem fairly unimpressed at the new design, though Neville Brody's redesign of the hierarchy of the main pages was a popular move forward. Why not add your feedback on the blog?

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