Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jonathon Ive judges at Goodwood FOS

"We control fuel injection by the use of an accelerator pedal. That's similar to the designer's role. It's the responsibility of the designer to make things simple and comprehensible" explains Ive in a recent article for the Telegraph Magazine, Goodwood The Season. Jonathon Ive, principal designer of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, MacBook and PowerBook at Apple is judging Cartier's concours d'elegance at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In his interview with the magazine, Ive explains the way that he achieves such amazing results is through understanding the way in which products are made and the limit to both the materials and the processes. "The problem with the word design is that it means so much and it means so little. I always struggle to define it. It's an activity more than an end result". 

Born in Essex in 1962, Ive moved to California in 1992 and was discovered by Steve Jobs, whilst working in-house, and soon became Apple's biggest asset. He has received much praise from the UK media - The Daily Telegraph rated him the 'most influential Briton in America' in 2008 and The Sunday Times cited him as one of 'Briton's most influential expatriates' in 2005.

Ive has a passion for extravagant cars, particularly of the Fifties and Sixties and I imagine that the receiver of an award from Ive would be very proud indeed.

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