Friday, 24 June 2011

Cadbury's new app gets you grooving

Following the success of their Dancing Clothes ad, Cadbury have launched a brand new app, The Cadbury Dairy Milk Dance Off. Two of the quirky clothes characters are plucked from the ad and bought straight to your palm, giving you control over music and movement. You can make the characters move to your voice over the mic, and set them to different dance moves like the samba and salsa... move aside Anton du Beke! Whether your a fan of the 80s style remixes that the television adverts pulse to or not, you can import your own iTunes music to play with your favourite character.

The App has already had some great reviews on iTunes. We'd love to see some more characters to choose from and a way to share our new moves with friends!

The evolvement of the Cadbury adverts has engaged and entertained audiences who continue to ask 'what does this have to do with chocolate?!'. The Dancing Clothes advert sparked much discussion when debates rose on how the scenes were shot. However, in May, Cadbury put us out of our misery and revealed that, in fact, there was no CGI trickery involved with this advert and that, instead, dancing adults were concealed inside custom made, larger than life outfits.

The campaign has also received much response via YouTube - the Cadbury Dairy Milk Dance Off competition video featuring the Spots Vs Stripes Cuban Brothers has had over 145,000 views.

Can't wait to see what Cadbury have in store for us next!

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