Tuesday, 21 June 2011


It is now June and we in the studio are not entirely surprised that after a couple of glorious months of sunshine, the heavens have opened. It is time to start thinking of where to spend our summer holidays. 

Not just any package holiday will do though, so we have turned to the design world for inspiration. For those who want an alternative guide to a city break, The Brief is a new vision in online travel guides. It is a daily feed of inspirational content from websites around the world for the design conscious. 

Curated by the award-winning online design and lifestyle magazine, We Heart, the site hosts the latest design hotel openings, major exhibitions, designer boutiques to cutting edge street art, long before the traditional travel guides have been reprinted.

For those who wish to have something good looking to carry, Graphic USA and Graphic Europe published by Cicada Books, are great looking guide books to cities in the USA and Europe written by illustrators and designers living in those cities. The designers reveal their favourite restaurants, shops, galleries and hotels. Each chapter is illustrated reflecting the designers' individual experience of their urban environment. The books feel like they are written by your close friends, giving you a list of all their favourite hang outs. 

Design Sponge, a design blog run by Brooklyn based writer, Grace Bonney,  also hosts a city guide, contributed by writers, designers, and illustrators to antique sellers, providing an insight into their favourite shops, restaurants and places to stay. Readers of the blog can also comment on the guides and provide more details about the cities.

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