Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The perfect landing page?

Formstack have created the model of a 'perfect landing page' which includes a guide for headlines, spacing, buttons, links and call to action links. The site also suggests colour schemes and ways in which they should be applied.

The site provides an interesting look into the way in which we can organise information on the web to make it readable and more easy to digest. This is often a subject of discussion and many large companies or organisations have looked to prominent and established designers to help them to assemble a comprehensive site. For example, the BBC consulted with Research Studio's Neville Brody for the successful redesign of the news site which is updated on a minute by minute basis and encompasses the whole BBC network including all Television and Radio channels with live stream players.

A structured and well thought out site is certainly integral, particularly when the audience is increasingly more distracted. Reports now indicate that most internet users spend less than one minute on the average website. However, the element of surprise on the internet shouldn't be underestimated. An eye catching and engaging site such as this shouldn't be out-ruled!

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